webMethods exercises for beginners (Self Study)

Hi All,

I am new to webMethods. Currently I am going through webMethods documentations for gaining more knowledge about the different components so that I can build efficient solutions.

But what I’m lacking is some sample examples for self practice. I’m sure this is a common issue with all the beginners in all the technologies.

Can any one please provide some sample examples for hands on so that it is easy and quick for the beginners like me to understand the logics with examples.

You can either post the examples (if any) in the forum or can also eMail me on my ID alokranjit@gmail.com

Alok Ranjit Samal

Please get the WmSamples package from Advantage.webmethods.com or Empower.softwareag.com if that is available for any downloads

Also check this forum section link below and look for Ezine articles:



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