SFTP server Alias


I am trying to configure SFTP server alias . But ,the get host key is failing.

Did the below steps:
1)Created a public key using OPENSSL.
2)Created a certificate with that key using OPENSSL
3)Created a pk12 key store using the above public and certificate.

Installed this keystore in Staging server STG2.

Configured SFTP port 9132 in STG2 and configured this key store.

Logged into STG server STG1–> SFTP server alias and gave the STG2 IP address and port 9132 .but,the get host key is failing.

Please let me know if I am missing something or if the steps I followed is incorrect.

My wM version is 9.0


Hi Sathya,

please make sure that you have SCG_9.0_SP1_TPL_Fix2 applied to your IntegrationServer.
There have been some issues with SFTP-Servers, which are fixed by using a newer JCraft SecureChannel jar file version.

SFTP uses SSH (usually on port 22) as TransportLayer where as FTPS uses SSL/TLS as TransportLayer but in this protocol the authentication data is passed as plain text and only the payload will be secured.

As far as I know there is no need to create any certificates or keystores to use SFTP when logging in with user and password.
When using public key authentication you will have to create a rsa key by ssh-keygen and get the public key configured on SFTP-Server.

See IS Administrators Guide for details.

Can you provide some details how you have configured the Port 9132 on your STG2 Server?
What is the exact error message when trying to retrieve the host key?



Thanks for the detailed explanation. I just got confused between FTPS port and SFTP . I will check if the fix is applied in my server and try with port 22 and update you on the same,

Thanks again,