SFTP becoming slow on long run and IS need restart for speed up

HI All ,

when i try to put file from IS to another server its taking more time than usual time. even same with Get command for SFPT is running slow i…e. is another server to IS.

size of the file is 100 MB ~ 150 MB

a normal day it takes less than 2 sec
on slow down it takes from 30 sec to 1 min.

i am also attaching actual code written in screen shot.

this runs every 15 might with average of 10 files to transfer.

if you need more information please feel free to ask.



Slowness with SFTP can happen due to various reasons.

                    1. Network Latency, slowness with the FTP server.
                    2. put happening in a loop which degrades the performance.
                    3. deleteFile inside the same loop which may be running slow. Remove it out of the loop and see the difference.
                    4. set verbose logging and that will get you more insight.
                    5. write custom code to do batch delete outside the loop after sftp logout.

Ashish Bania