set values in incoming XML

Hello experts,

webMethods flow service is invoked via http sending XML as input from an externalapplication.

webMethods flow service gets XML as node, then converts to a document and create new tags for SenderID, ReceiverID within the document and this document is converted to xmldata and submitted to TN. This set up works for small files

But for large files how to create/set SenderID, ReceiverID within the XML which would throw an OutOfMemory error.

Is there any way we can avoid converting XML to String and sending to TN

Please advice.

Review the docs on large file handling. If you’re using 6.5, the large doc handling has been “promoted” from the EDI and TN modules to the IS level (a very rough description) so that your entry service should be able to take advantage of that.


I need to add time stamp to a file Orders.xml in folder and move it to another folder.

How do i do this?,can anyone help

You don’t need Integration Server to do this. Just write an XSLT style sheet to do what you need and invoke it from a batch file or shell script.

Using Integration Server for something as simple as this is like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer.

Of course, if you had to you would setup the file polling port to “listen” for new files in your source folder, invoke a flow service to add the timestamp and write it back out to the destination folder.

You might find the Developer 4.6 Tutorial on Advantage useful in learning Flow.