session.sessionID length

I’m looking to find the max length of the session.sessionID for database design. We’re logging info in our db for reporting. I want the field to be the proper size as to not waste db space with a larger than necessary field definition for the sessionID.

I’ve noticed that the current sessionIDs are 37 characters, but I want to ensure the field is large enough to handle situations that we have not tested.

Thanks in advance

I thought I had responded to this earlier, but can’t find the post. At any rate from a quick glance at the table layout for either the WMERROR or WMSESSION tables it would appear that the max length for sesionID is 32.


Thanks for the reply Mark, but I’m seeing sessionID’s of size 37. Here is an example… 831v5RVOxtytre6ERPHNqpljWtTfPY-556055

Can any body refer me to documentatioon regarding the wM tables (wmSession, wMSerive, wMSession,…)?

Check Advantage.