EDIINT AS2 envelopeProcess

Hello, I am having a problem when running the wm.b2b.edi:envelopeProcess on X12 4010 documents when using the 4.5 version of the adapter(s) (on B2B 4.02). It seems that when the time stamp within the GS segment (GS05) is greater than 4 characters, an error is generated stating - “[B2BCORE.0082.9296] Length of value is not equal to specified length.” When I look at the spec, it appears perfectly legal to have anywhere from 4-8 characters in that field…

Has anyone come across this issue before or has anyone done a work around for this. Any input would be appreciated. I realize upgrading is always a good option, but sometimes not always in time frame, however, does this occur with the 4.6v of the adapter(s), or is that service not offered?