GS05 Length Validator in X12 Envelope URGENT

Hi All,
I have a strange situation.
As per ANSI standards, the min/max values for the GS05 (Time) element of the GS segment is 4/8, which is the UTS time HHMMSSDD format allowed.
A trading partner sent us a file X12 4010 810 yesterday and the length of GS05 was 6 digits HHMMSS and the IS when trying to convert X12 to Values, complained that the GS05 element is too long and generated an error.

Upon further research I found out that this error was being caused when wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues service is called.

As an input parameter to this service, the EDIFFSchema is wm.b2b.edi.EDIFFSchema:ICS4X12

When I looked at this schema, I found out that the GS05 length validator is set at min = 4 and max = 4!!!

Can someone tell me if this is the case with the schemas in their systems as well? I am using the webM IS 6.0.1 and the WmEDI Package has these patches applied to it

Awaiting a reply!



Someone might have messed up with the schema or the Dictionary.usually the length validator of GS05 is min:4 and max:8.As a work around,you may try changing wm.b2b.edi.EDIFFSchema:Dictionary and set the max to 8.



I have checked in our system IS/WmEDI6.1 module the wm.b2b.edi.EDIFFSchema:ICS4X12 schema shows GS05 lenght validator is min=4,max=8.

The fixes which we have

So may be WM provided fix for 6.01 also,check it in advantage.

yes according to X12 4010 standard guideline GS05 is allowed for min=4,max=8.

If it is urgent then contact tech support or customize the schema as a last option for avoiding of validation error.


Thanks guys!!!
I had to convince my manager that it was indeed min/max 4/8.
I dont know who changed it in our systems. We have 4 IS’s and its the same in all of them.

I changed the settings on the schema and bingo!!

Appreciate all your help.


Good to go then…Thanks for update…