text length in a markup


We’ve some problems with text length in a markup.
We thought we just had to put a VARWCHAR data type but it didn’t work. Is there a maximum length for VARWCHAR (there shouldn’t be…)?

Thanks in advance.

Matis Workgroup

A concrete example would help. What exactly went wrong?

We got this error message when we tried to put plain text (longer than usual) in a markup named .
Obviously, the error message doesn’t appear when we reduce the text length.
Shouldn’t we be able to put any length of plain text in a markup, defined as VARWCHAR in the Tamino Schema? Or is there a maximum length to it?

<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“8732”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXPE8732”>Value too long</ino:messagetext>

Thanks in advance.

Matis Workgroup

This was perhaps related to your question: in the internal technical e-mail list of Software AG the following has been stated this very morning:

"The maximum number of bytes you can store in a [VAR]WCHAR field is approximately 16k. But if search type STANDARD is defined for that node, the limit is 1004 bytes.
This seems the explanation of your problem. If the information is longer than 1004 bytes, response INOXPE8732 or INOXPE8734 is returned."