Limit of standard type index in Tamino


Can anyone tell me what is the limit of the standard index type?
When I insert a document I’ve got a message:8732 Value too long.
But I don’t know what is too long?
If I set the standard type index then I will get the error but if I do not set, it is working.

I cannot find any information in the documentation about the limits except the mapping.
(The documentation is very taciturn.)

By the way, what is the limit in for the standard type index? And other limits?


The limit for index values in both v2.3 and 3.1 is 1004 bytes.

Thanks Wladislav.

I’ve found the limits in the documentation of But I’ve found nothing in the Something I made wrong? Tell me please, is there a documentation containing all TAMINO DATABASE limits???

Zsolt :mad: