Value too long?

Trying to update a single document I get these two messages, depending on the update metod used:
Tamino Interactive Interface returns ‘Value too long’ and ActiveX client ‘Value execeeding maximum length detected during Massload’.
Node itself is only a small part of the data that needs to be updated.
Now, I tried to reduce the node size by deleting it’s child nodes (that contain important data!) until it succeeded. That happened when the file size of the single document node dropped to 2,376 bytes, and originally it was 4,872 bytes.
What could I be doing wrong?



culd you tell us what environment you use? OS version, Tamino version, the DTD and perhaps the Tamino Schema file? The instance in question would also be helpful.

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The schema I was using had the search type property on the document node set to standard.

Can any body give me some more explanation? I don’t know why once I create a standard and text index on a particular field, the aforesaid error occur. That field is not very special, it is same as other (xs:string) except that the content in this field is very long, would it be the cause?


The maximum length of a standard-indexed node value in Tamino 2.3 and 3.1 is 1004 bytes. Any longer and you get error INOXPE8732.

I don’t know if this will change in future versions of Tamino.