Service Logs is not showing in MWS

Hi All,

We are able to see auditing log in MWS for dev server but for same service not able to see any log in QA system. Can any one please suggest what exactly we can invegtigate for the below issue. Below is the configuration details…

  1. JDBC pool is set-up…
  2. In wmMonitor package its showing pointing to MWS correctly
  3. Trying with Administrator user
  4. from MWS its pointing to correct IS instance

Baharul Islam

Hello Baharul,

I faced similar issue long time ago, and in my case DB trigger was disabled due to which service logging was not visible on MWS.

You can also check if your DB triggers (WMSERVICE_*) are enabled or not.


In addition to above, check the remote server alias is correctly configured on each instance and do you see any logs on service log.

Thanks Yogesh & Mahesh.

For DB trigger we are checking with DB team. Will update once get something.

Hi Mahesh,

Can’t get on remote server alias. We need to check alias on individual IS? But MWS is directly connecting with IS , this is not through IS alias right?

Baharul Islam

Have that checked once (Settings > Remote Servers) if the local remote server is configured. Also let us know about the DB trigger that Yogesh mentioned.

Hi Baharul,

We have even faced similar issue and it got solved with below steps execution.

Please log in Monitoring homepage:
re-type the

  • MWS Username and
  • MWS password

re-type the
Data Level Security Administrator

Make sure, that the DLS checkbox is checked.

Restart IS

Restart MWS

Ajay Jami

Additionally make sure, that the myWebMethods Administrators role in MWS has the proper settings for DLS as well when DLS ist activated in IS/Monitor.
Or whatever Role your user is member of for monitoring.