Monitor services on MWS

Hello Friends,

I want to monitor services from MWS user Interface (In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Integration > Services)

on IS:

1.wM 8.2.2
2.service logged on file
3. Ran a service to log data, it is stored on IS service log page(file- WMSERVICE_20140730*)

on MWS:

  1. I looged in as Administrator having all access in permission management.
    2.I selected corresponding IS on top
    3.But there is no service I see(getting result “No matches found”)

Is this because of audit data stored on file?If yes how to configure Monitor to see those logged data.

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Are you having issue only with 1 single Service or is it with all ?. Most of the times its due to no proper logging set done by us.



No it’s for all service.

i hope logging setting is fine. can you point out any important settings which I might have missed.


Hi Sundar,
Please find the below mandatory step required to setup Monitor log.

Firstly Indentify IS to monitor from MWS
From MWS Administration > My webMethods > System
Settings > Servers and add IS on which monitor is installed.

Secondly indentify MWS from IS.
Open home page for WmMonitor from IS->Packages->Management->WmMonitor
Configure MWS details.

Make one flow service with the below audit properties…
Enable auditing---->Always
Include pipeline---->Always
Log on-------->Error and success

Note: If you do not use central user management, you must ensure that each Monitor user
defined in My webMethods has a corresponding user account defined in Integration

Please let us know if you still face any problem.


Hi Baharul,

Central user administration - Configured
Indentify IS to monitor from MWS - Configured
indentify MWS from IS - Configured
Flow service as u suggested - Configured

still issue remains :frowning:


I have the same issue, its working in other environment (like TEST) but not working in DEV and PROD.

No clue??

Help greatly appreciated.

Thx, Tanveer

Is your ISAudit JDBCPool working good?

Thanks, it’s working now. Actually my service logging was disable in IS. After enabling it is working

Hello everyone,

I have an issue to discuss here.

Actually I am able to get service transactions in MWS service monitoning for a day/week but not for a month.

We are fetch the logs but it times out most of the time and we had to try it again and again for time range of one week.

Can anyone please help me on this to fetch the logs for a day/week/month without any issues.


Hi Sasi,

is your archiving configured and working?

Without Archiving when the size of the tables increases over time searching for entries takes longer and longer.
Which version of wM are you on?

Any entries in server.log or error.log in IS being monitored for this issue?


Hi Holger,

we are on wM 9.7 version.Didn’t find any entries in error.log/server.log

we are able to query the transactions in services monitoring for a day/week, incase if we query the data for a time range of month it is timing out with error "Read timeout ". Seems, it is because of volume of the data we are trying to fetch. can you please suggest what we need to ?

is your archiving configured and working? I could’t understand this configuration, let me know where I need to check this.


Hi Sasi,

please check the Monitor Users Guide for further informations regarding archiving.

You will need a second database schema for the db component archiving containing the controller of the archiving operations.
Additionally you have to set Grants on your regular is audit schema to allow the archiving schema select and delete for it.