service monitoring on MWS

Hello Friends,

I want to monitor services from MWS user Interface (In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Integration > Services)

on IS:

1.wM 8.2.2
2.service logged on file
3. Ran a service to log data, it is stored on IS service log page(file- WMSERVICE_20140730*)

on MWS:

  1. I looged in as Administrator having all access in permission management.
    2.I selected corresponding IS on top
    3.But there is no service I see(getting result “No matches found”)

Is this because of audit data stored on file?If yes how to configure Monitor to see those logged data.

Thanks in advance.

Are there any messages in server log?

Usually these kind of data is logged to a database.

Beside not having worked with wM 8.2, I had never issues with this DB-based approach, neither on wM 7.1 nor on wM 9.5.


Yes, in IS server log and service log data is there. Unable to see on Monitoring page(MWS UI page)

Actually these data logged on file not on DB. Is this because of this??


Might be.

Depends on how the WmMonitor-Services are retrieving the data (if they are able to detect the log file or if they directly look into the db-tables).

The appropriate JDBC-Pool to look for is the IS Core Audit-Pool.

Please try to get Support-Team involved as they might be better able to assist here.
Additionally this might be worth a feature request/idea in Brainstorm.


Hi Sundar

Did you Enable the auditing in the service?



Hello Sajeevan,

specific Service level customised logging is not necessary(level->perSvc)

I enabled logging on IS Settings > Logging. level->Brief

Destination -> File

My question is the service based data log on IS service log. But I am unable to see it on MWS UI page Monitoring->Integration->Services.

Hi Holger,

Yes, In Settings > JDBC Pools we have configured(attachment) Oracle DB to store IS core audit log data.

But in Settings > Logging, Destination -> File.

It writes logged data on WMSERVICE*.log file.

But how to check the monitor from where it retrieves the IS core audit log data(especially service log) whether DB or file?

JDBC Pools Details.JPG

Did you provide the extended setting for audit log. Just a thought!

I could not get u.

watt.server.* - which parameter you are telling?

Is it really necessary to set in server configuration(.cnf)

Is it related to my query?

The MWS only display from DB,
Logs > Service
If you have anything, if not, your service is not logging