Error inMWS

Hi wM Friends…I am getting a small issue in MWS
In MWS Under Monitoring section if i click on any tab like services tab,documents tab i am getting this error "
Error executing search. Have a System Administrator verify the Integration Server settings at Administration → My webMethods → System Settings.".
Not suree what to check under that path
Any idea on this…your quick response is really appreciated.Thanks in advance

Login in to MWS using SYSADMIN I guess password should be same/manage; I will let you know.

Do you have access to MWS administration guide?

@Mahesh …Firstly thanks for your reply…
Yess…I am able to login with sysadmin…

Please share your settings under Administration → My webMethods → System Settings for Server ASR_IS.

Does the entry you are referring to have values for Analytic Engine?

Sounds like an incomplete/incorrect configuration (referring to Optimize).


@Thomson …Under system settings for ASR_IS is crm :frowning: :frowning: mstg.
port number used is 5564…
when i clik on check server status it is showing in red.
Strangely in production environment its working fine where we dont have ASR_IS configured.
Kinely let me know if you want anyother details.


Are you trying to access the Optimize of have some LDAP configuration created? We sometimes see this issue when LDAP credentials are not working on IS/IS is down and MWS is connecting to IS.