Service emulation

We have written an Windows service application that run on Windows 2000. We have use coolmk to port that application to be used on a Linux platform. We have some problem with service emulation with EntireX. How can you tell if the service is running? And if it isn?t running, how do you find the problem. When we run make register then an error occur with make error 74.


under EntireX DCOM on UNIX we don’t know services. You can see if a process is running in the EntireX DCOM environment by using the helper tool sermon. With command “sermon obj” you can see all processes which are running in EntireX DCOM environment, i.e. are known by our central daemon ntd.
Regarding the make error: Did all the binaries/libraries built? Is it a problem of the makefile itself or a problem of registering something into the EntireX DCOM registry? Servers and libraries can also be registered manually. Usually a server has built in (implemented by the user himself) the code for registration. A library which must be registered, like a proxy/stub library or an inproc-server can be registered using regsvr tools: e.g. regsvr

Volker Denkhaus