ntd couldn't start

I have installed Entirex communicator on Redhat Linux ES 4.
as in installation notes, we installed three rpm packages for
Entirex Dcom.
But we couldn’t start ntd service in any way it gets the following error;

[sag@lnxapp1 ~]$ ntwopper -v -u sag ntd
1 NTD 1.0(retail), made at 2004-11-05 03:00 with crypto support, build 121156, pid 11930, shm size 768 starting…
2 NTD terminates because it could not get a license to run
3 NTD is terminating. Final exit code is 1

What should I do?

Regards, Suat.


please check the file /opt/sag/common/LKey/exx721.xml. It is an XML file and should contain a tag “Expiration Date”. What does it say? Or attach the file to your reply.
You need a valid license file always at $SAG/common/Lkey/exx721.xml.

Kind Regards,
Volker Denkhaus

Hello Again,
I am attaching the lisence file.
As I seen it is not expired yet.

Thanks, Suat.


if you look into your license file, you see a Component-ID = EntireX DCOM with a tag DCOM and it is set to “NO”. This means, you have a license file which is not valid for EntireX DCOM. I don’t know where you got this license file from, but with this license DCOM is not allowed.

You need a license file where DCOM is set to “Yes”.

Kind Regards,
Volker Denkhaus

Thanks for your help,
We will contact the related company.

Our applications are currently running
in windows and entirex minimum runtime works without any problem.

Now, our development stuff will use java to access some services
running in mainframe and they will write java codes in Linux.
What is the minimum software requirements for us to use entirex from java. Should we use entirex dcom or do we need something
including java class files.

Regards, Suat Ugurlu.


there is no way to interop with Java and EntireX DCOM on Linux.
If you want to use DCOM on Linux, your prefered language is C++.

Kind Regards,
Volker Denkhaus

But accessing an EntireX Communicator on mainframe is on the otherhand extremely easy using the java-components on linux!

So exactly what should you be wanting DCOM for ?

  • (except additional work;-)


java components on linux?
This is exactly what we want.

Our broker is on mainframe and client applications will be on linux.
Client applications will be written in Java. What I exactly want to
know is that what should we intsall on linux in order to access the entirex on mainframe?. If as you said there are java components, how can I get them?

thanks, Suat.

Hi Suat,
As you wrote yourself: “contact the related company”.
Because you will need the EntireX Communicator SDK in order to develop/generate the java clients/servers.