EntireX DCOM for Linux: where is Windows part?

Hi all,
I downloaded evaluation version of EntireX DCOM for Linux.
After basic things, I’m trying to integrate Linux COM-client with Windows COM-server. There is manual named “dcomlinux721_tcm18-5287.pdf”

See Chapter “Migrating EntireX DCOM Examples to Windows”

For a given part (client, proxy/stub library, server) of a sample:

  • either open the Visual C++ 6.0 workspace (*.dsw) provided in the NT subdirectory of each
    example directory in the Windows section of EntireX (“Program Files/Software
  • or type nmake in the examples NT subdirectory to build all targets. To build a specific target, type
    nmake -f.mak. As a default, the debug targets are built; in order to build the
    nondebug version add CFG=“ - Win32 Release” to the nmake command
    line. To clean up the directories type nmake clean.

    Unfortunately, in downloads I see Linux links only (PRMfiles). There is no any Windows-related package.

The question: where can I get Win-related package provides me with “Program Files/Software AG/EntireX/DCOM/examples” and such things as “paulas.exe”?
At the moment, I have no idea where to get this. :frowning:

I already saw C8: What does error Message 80070005/5 (security problem) mean?
Please, help.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Yury,

see my reply in the DCOM forum.

Regards, Dietmar.