DCOM on Linux

We are doing a project that need to collect data from a Windows OPC server.I need to be able to access the DCOM connector from Linux.I know that used to have a product called EntireX Dcom.But I can’t find it now.I want to know if there still have this product or a new version.

EntireX DCOM, which implements a DCOM environment on Linux, is no longer available since EntireX 8,1, afair.

What is still available is the DCOM Wrapper

The DCOM Wrapper is not applicable here because it is only available on the client side. I suggest to use the .NET RPC Server. It should be possible to call the OPC Server functionality from C#. Then you can use any RPC client (e.g. C or Java) on Linux.

I didn’t want to say (or imply) the DCOM Wrapper is applicable here, just mentioned
it for the sake of completeness - sorry for the confusion it may have caused !

Thanks a lot for your info. and suggestion.
In fact,I want the product to run in an embedded computer.So the embedded computer can collect the data from a OPC server.The OS of the embedded computer is Linux. The .NET RPC Server or DCOM Wrapper?
Best Regards
henry han