Entire X DCOM for embeded linux

Somebody from the industry sector found out that SAG has a dcom solution for
unix. They asked the following question:

I am looking for a DCOM solution for Linux platform.

I am running Embedded Linux on a Motorolla PowerPC 8XX processor.
I have some memory constraints - 16MB RAM, 32MB FLASH (but it is more then enough to run embedded linux on it?.)
I would like to know if EntireX DCOM can be used on such kind of system, though in the WEB site it is mentioned that needed about
64MB RAM, does the EntireX package need so much? Or its just some finger rule?can you provide more information?

By the way, I specifically need the DCOM to act as server side for remote PCS to communicate with (OPC interface)

I asked them for the operator system version. Here is there answer:

Not sure what you mean by ?Linux versions? ? it?s a very loaded term.
Our kernel is currently 2.4.26 . This is the standard kernel version number (nothing to do with Debian) and includes Debian patches to the kernel (more stable and more tested).
Perhaps they mean tools or run-time libraries. We are currently on glibc version 2.3.2 with several patches/fixes. This is the latest version that has been released. The version of gcc we?re using today is 3.3.2 (sometimes that affects things too).
Is there a chance that Software AG products can be installed on their system?


each EntireX DCOM version for a specific platform is based on a compiler version and because it contains assembler code is based on specific processor.
Currently there is no port to a Power PC processor, so you cannot run any EntireX DCOM version on your hardware.

Kind Regards,
Volker Denkhaus