Using EntireX on linux to make WMI queries on windows


Is it possible to use your library to communicate wmi from a linux to a windows?

There are some wbem implementations for linux(java, i think), but they use http as transport, and windows WMI uses DCOM.

Any clue you can give on this?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not altogether clear on what you are trying to do (I don’t know what WMI is), but:

If you are trying to expose Windows services to another platform, you could use any RPC server on Windows. For example, your Linux application (the “client” in this scenario) would send a request for information via Broker/RPC. An RPC Server would be running on the Windows box. When it receives a request, it would make the necessary DCOM calls to obtain the WMI information and return it to the client.

The RPC Server on Windows can call code written in C, C++, C#/VB.Net. You might also be albe to use RPC from Natural for Windows as it can make DCOM calls also.

This is what I mean with WMI:

Its called Windows Management Instrumentation. Its the implementation of the WBEM specification for windows. The open WBEM implementation, that works with java and other operation systems uses HTTP as transport protocol. The microsoft implementation, present on windows machines, uses DCOM/RPC as transport. Since you have DCOM/RPC implemented for linux. Is it possible to use your lib to communicate with a windows machine and access WMI?

Any ideias or info about this?


if there is any component on Windows that uses DCOM for remote access, it is theoretically possible to access it from Linux machines using EntireX DCOM. You must have a DCOM client on Linux that does a CoCreateInstance on the specified object class and Interface.
So the service on Windows must allow remote access and you must know the CLSIDs and Interfaces to write your client.

Volker Denkhaus

Hi Adriano,

By any chance, have you been able to remotly use WMI from a linux box ?
Because I looking after that, and so far I’ve got no solutions…

Thanks for your help,