query Windows machien to fetch Wbem classes

How can you use entireX SDK to write an application on Linux which could fetch Wbem classes from windows machine?

You would need to use the Java or .Net RPC Server on the Windows machine. That server’s methods would fetch the information you need from that Windows machine.

You would use any EntireX Wrapper - Java or XML, for example, to make the client call from the Linux application.

Hi Douglas
Thanks for the response.
Is it not possible to query windows machine for Wbem classes without having to install any server there. We already have WMI server running on the windows box which can return the classes.

I think there is a remote management capability using SOAP.

Any idea on how do we do it using SOAP ?

You will find a bunch of information on http://msdn.microsoft.com

i’ve wriiten a sample client application which simply tries to connect to remote windows machine. But the CoCreateInstanceEx function is returning an error (80040154). Can you tell me what might be going wrong?

here is the snippet of the code

sz = “”;
CHAR nm[100];
WCHAR pwszHostName [MAX_PATH];
memset(&csi, 0, sizeof(COSERVERINFO));
pcsi = &csi;
hr = CoInitializeSecurity(
-1, // COM authentication
NULL, // Authentication services
NULL, // Reserved
RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_CONNECT, // Default authentication
RPC_C_IMP_LEVEL_IMPERSONATE, // Default Impersonation
NULL, // Authentication info
0, // Additional capabilities
NULL // Reserved

mq.pIID = &IID_IWbemLocator;
mq.pItf = NULL;
mq.hr = S_OK;
csi.pwszName = 0;

hr = CoCreateInstanceEx(CLSID_WbemLocator, NULL, CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER, pcsi, 1, &mq);

you might try a Microsoft or Linux forum for information on DCOM generally. This forum is focused on the DCOM sub-component of the EntireX package and does not really address general DCOM questions.