Where can I download paulas.exe for evalution version?

Hi There,

I using the evaluation version of “EntireX DCOM for Linux” to evaluate this for one of our project.

And I am trying to run the server on Linux and client on Window XP using mssimple examples.

I understand that it needs paulas.exe running at windows side to communicate securely with UNIX server object.

So please let me know how/where do I get paulas.exe.


Hi Ranjit,

you cannot download it, as mentioned in the download area:
Note: This download does not contain any windows components (i.e. no windows makefiles for the examples and no security component). However, it is fully functional, with the one exception that you can only use local authentication (see chapter “EntireX DCOM Installation and Configuration under UNIX” in the product documentation).

On the Unix side you have to use local authorization.
The Windows components are only included with the full product version.