EntireX DCOM Suse 9 Problem

Hello All,

I’ve succesfully installed EntireX DCOM 7.1.1 on Suse Linux 9 (the NTD daeman started, the SAG user created, etc). But, when I try to run the regedit or dcomcnfg it failed with the error “failed… NTD is not started”. I’m sure that NTD is started at the startup.

Am I missing something here ?. What should I do to fix those problem ?.




by default DCOM is intalled under /opt/sag. Do work with it, you need to source the specific environment file. First of all $SAG should be set to /opt/sag and then $SAG/exx/v711/INSTALL/exxenv should be sourced. After that, ot should be able to run apps in the DCOM environment.

Hope that helps.

Volker Denkhaus

It work.

Thanks for your quick replay.