running ntd


I am software eng student of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-Iran. I have downloaded a 90-days trial EntireX DCOM version 7.22(I think!).

I installed 3 packages of EntireX DCOM on openSUSE10.3 successfully. but when I use “ntwopper -v -u sag ntd” I get the following error:
1 NTD terminates because it could not load its config file

I tried to set permissions to etc/dcom/ntd.conf for user sag but still the same error.
You see, I have almost studied all of the 626-pages manual. but please help me some how more clear and complete, about running the dcom server and making it ready to use on openSUSE10.3.

Thank you
Waiting to here from you …

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