Service Designer 10.1

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Is there a way to download the Service Designer for v 10.1? The only download available is for 10.5.

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We do allow to download only latest version of Service Designer i.e.10.5 version, so there is no way to get 10.1 version of product as such but all the features of 10.1 version are still available in latest version of Service Designer, so feel free to download & work with 10.5 version.


Thank you Prashant for your return. I know that all the features of 10.1 are included in 10.5 but I have a server running 10.1 and it is incompatible with 10.5 designer.

TTBOMK SAG Service Designer came into existence starting from version 10.4, you can download and create an image with Designer only and install the same on your machine to access the 10.1 servers.

Thanks for your feedback. Did you have a link to download it? Maybe on empower?

Please note: ‘Service Designer’ is available for free download. Server configuration is restricted to capabilities for use with the bundled runtime only. This is as designed and documented. Service Designer can’t connect to any other server irrespective of server version.

I would recommend using licensed installation if you want remote development.

Oops, never noticed that my comment went as a “Guest”, log into empower (make sure you have the required download privileges) and you should be able to download the image for SAG designer 10.1.

Let me know if you have any questions.