Does Service designer 10.4 works with Integration Server 10.3?

I’m starting to learn webmethods at the company i started working at, and we have a 10.3 integration server running for training.

I went to your website and downloaded service designer, but when I try to connect to the server it says “This version of Designer is not compatible with the server (localhost:5555). Designer will disconnect.” and i can’t get the Service Designer version 10.3.

Would you please assist me ?

Much apreciated,

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The Service Designer is available for free download from 10.4 version & the server connection is restricted to capabilities for use with the bundled runtime only, so it is recommended to use the bundled Integration Server within Service Designer.


This does not answer my question.

Can it or cannot use 10.4 designer with 10.3 Integration server?

If the downloadable free version cannot, is there any other way to get a 10.4 designer that works with 10.3? Is it a licensing problem?
Or there is not backwards compatibility?
It’s the same major version.

As per design, the Service Designer 10.4 works only with embedded 10.4 integration server, it won’t work with any other older or remote Integration Server. You might need to look for commercial version of Software AG Designer for any such capabilities.


I had a similar problem after downloading and starting 10.4 version Integration Server.

The solution is - shut down integration server 10.4 if you have manually started it.
Go to Service Designer -> Click Server in the menu -> Click Start

You will say logs saying starting local development server - This will eventually start up the local integration server and connect it also to Service Designer

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Thanks Venkat, the given solution worked easily. Appreciate it.

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