Server is already registered with XTS directory service

Sometimes when i try to start one DB i get the following message:
Server is already registered with XTS directory service
what does it mean?


The file xtsurl.cfg contains a list of all Tamino databases known to the XTS service, along with their tcpip addresses and ports. Typical entries look like this:


These entries are created when the database starts, and are removed when the database is stopped.

If you start a database but the xtsurl.cfg file already contains entries for that database, two things can happen:

1) If the ip address and port are the same in the file as the ones currently being registered, you get an information message (yellow triangle) in the Tamino Manager, and the database starts as usual. The old entries are overwritten.

2) If the ip address and ports differ, the database will not start (you get a red triangle error). If you want to overwrite the original xts registration when starting your database like this, you can set the Database Property/Server/“overwrite XTS registration” switch to do that.

Why is the original entry not being removed - I don’t know, but could it be connected with your previous problem of the hosts file being deleted - is this the same machine?


Hi Bill
i have checked in xtsurl.cfg and i get the error for the reason you explain.Windows crashed and so the entry in this file remains.
Remove the entry in this file, now all work fine
Many thanks.