Sending Email via MS Exchange

I need to send a message via MS Exchange but not with SMTP. The SMTP server on Exchange are turned off and it wouldn’t work anyway.

One method I think might work is setting up MSMQ Adapter on webMethods. Configure it to connect to an MSMQ on a system running MSMQ Exchange Connector which would then connect to the Exchange computer.

I’m still hoping that there is an easier way as that solution seems pretty convoluted.

The reason it needs to go into an Exchange server is the email message has a special To: line which specifies a fax recipient. It doesn’t work if the To: address is resolved by anything but Exchange.

Any ideas?


Prarie Blake

It is so easy with SMTP! Why won’t it work in your environment?

Just trying to save you a lot of brain-damage if possible.


It really is so easy with SMTP. Bugs the hell out of me that I can’t do it that way.

The problem is the BC Government has this Fax Service that takes addresses of the form [FAX:Name@1234567] to send a fax for any government Exchange user. We are trying to leverage that functionality for this government contract (so we don’t have to implement our own fax server). If it goes through SMTP the address gets rejected and no fax is sent.

How are people using this fax service now?

Can they send faxes from Outlook by using a special To Address?

Don’t know if I am headed towards any help, but I’d like to understand how this works.

Yes, exactly. From Outlook they can send messages to an address in the form above and some Exchange Fax plugin (not sure what one) sends a fax to the phone number in the to field.

So while SMTP rejects the TO ADDRESS format, IMAP lets it through?

Do you think creating an IMAP client might work?

Outlook does some king of special handling or passes the address to the Exchange server which handles it. IMAP won’t work because IMAP clients use SMTP to send mail.

Sounds like a challenge all right.

I’d be interested to hear how you end up making this work.

Yeah, me too :wink:

It looks like it will have to call a function on another server to send the fax email via .NET and MAPI api calls on a Windows box (wM is running on Sun). After looking more into the MSMQ solution it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Much easier to invoke a webservice and have it send the fax. Since the project includes the use of a .NET server, it won’t require a special nook on a machine somewhere at least.

Kind of defeats the purpose of an integration system but oh well…

Thanks for your interest… if I remember I’ll update this thread with the final solution when it’s done.