SMS howto

We have a seminar with mobile solutions in software AG Nordic, and in this event we want to create a simple application that can be displayed on many devices. In this we want to have the possibility for participants to send or get data via SMS (If it is possible at all). I have read something about the notificationserver has the possibility to send SMS, but how to use this or how to set it up.

-Do we need a 3. party to maintain the network?
-Do we need any hardware in order to obtain network?
-Is it possible to both send and receive SMS?
-Is it unrealistic to have a demo where everybody can send/get SMS?

Please help me, because I don’t want to spend a lot of time on something impossible!!

We would not recommend to create such a demo. The reason is that currently you need an SQL database to store information. We currently negotiate with our partner, that this is changed in the next version.
The second problem is, that you need an application server like Weblogic to be able to use the notification. Resin (the application server delivered with TMS1.1) does not support that.
So if you don’t want to spend much time then you should think about another demo.


This is very sad to hear, because we see alot of sales possibility in the SMS transportation. If it was easy and cheap to establish, our customers could reach their customers regardless of device. Although the channel is old fashion, it is still an easy way of notifying people without downloading/installing of a thick client.

The SMS is still a possibility: yes. But our customers must spend alot of money in an application server, and then our other products loose meaning, while expensive application servers already has build-in workflow and middleware possibilities.

Is it possible to extent Resin or use JBoss to have SMS notification, or are SMS almost “foil-ware” only (PowerPoint coding)??

The problem is that the notification uses JMS and this is not provided by Resin.
Of couse this is provided by JBoss.
Support of JBoss (or any other application server) is a requirement for next version of TMS.

How much effort is requered to make TMS work on my already working JBoss 3.0.5 (used for mediator and xml gateways)??