Sending and receving documents to TN and storing it in DB


I am pretty new to webmethods.Can anyone suggest me how to send a XMl document to TN and to retrieve it and storing the data in a Database.
Also, how to create a partner and to set the processing rules…



Firstly, you can send an Integration Server Document Type to TN also and of course TN Document Type which you can define in webMethods TN Console. This you need to decide which one you need.

Create an XML document in webMethods TN Console:

-> webMethods Trading Network Console > View > Document Types
OR click Document Types icon from the tool bar
-> Once you are in the Document Type form/page, click the new icon and select XML. This signifies that your Document Type is an XML.

Create a Partner Profile:

** Creating a Partner Profile is done thru My webMethods Console
(To run My webMethods Console, make sure that the My webMethods Server is up and running)
-> My webMethods > Administration > Integration > B2B > Partner Profiles
- In here, you can add, edit, delete profiles if you have the authorization.

** Note that this feature is already deprecated in the Trading Network Console, however, you can still enable and use.
(To run Trading Network Console, make sure that the Integration Server is up and running)
-> webMethods Trading Network Console > View > Enable Deprecated Features
-> select Trading Partners from the View menu or click Trading Partners icon from the tool bar.

Create Processing Rules:

  • This is done thru webMethods Trading Network Console (make sure Integeration Server is up and running to launch TN Console successfully)
    -> webMethods Trading Network Console > View > Processing Rules or click Processing Rules icon from the tool bar.

Since you are new to webMethods kindly refer to documentation _documentation\Trading_Networks{webMethods version}_Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide.pdf , this is the best way forward.
This documentation will fill you up with the much needed information to help you set-up and configure TN.
You may want to check out _documentation\Trading_Networks{webMethods version}_Trading_Networks_Concepts_Guide.pdf as well, this would certainly aid you to grasp TN concepts.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Meann.Your reply is very useful for me…