Send Service Request to Oracle CRM

Hi All

My third party tool will send Service Request to Oracle CRM via webMethods 6.1, this is my integration.In this integration we will not use any webMethods components like TN,Broker,Moniter etc.

This Service Request sending time to Oracle CRM suppose webMethods will get any error to send CRM,then how resubmit this Service Request from webMethods to Oracle CRM.

Third party, after submit Service Request,they don’t take any response if Service Request fail to send CRM.

webMethods use SQL Server for store Log data.

Any one give the solution for resubmit Service Request from webMethods.

Thank you



Basically in this kind of integration unless there is no transient/network error,you have to initally log/store the inbound requests to DB when WM processes the request successfully and set the flag(P=Processed) if any processing error occurs in WM/IS set the flag (E=Error),you should build a alert and also create a scheduled reprocessing service which will reprocess what ever failed requests with flag E and finally update the flag to P.

Ofcourse there are lot of reprocessing handling techniques exists depends on what kind of reprocessing you are looking for.