send MDN for inbound flat file messages


we have followed the instructions in “8-2-SP1_Trading_Networks_Concepts_Guide.pdf” document, we invoked “” in the gateway service to receive flat file documents.

however we need that a synchronous MDN being sent to the sender like what the service “wm.EDIINT:receive” does for EDI inbound messages (EDIINT transactions).

any idea ?


The MDN sync or async need to be requested by the TP who originally sending request and then based on it EDIINT module should take care of it.

You will have the similar setting when you use EDIINT:send for requestMDN setting sync or async MDN.

Do you see in the Activity log for the incoming EDIINT request what it says and what you are sending?


Check the AS2 envelope your system received:

if there is this line in header:
Disposition-notification-to: *******
your WM system will automatically send a MDN in sync mode

If it also has this line:
Receipt-delivery-option: http…
you WM system will send a MDN in async mode


Hi Tim,

Are you saying that your partner is posting EDIINT directly to your gateway service? If they are posting to the wM built-in service (your URL:port/wm.EDIINT:receive), the MDN will be generated automatically like it is for any EDIINT document. Then, if your payload is not EDI or XML, the userProcessPayloadService is invoked which calls your custom gateway service.


Hi rmg, Hi Tong Wang,

Actually, in the gateway service handling flat file messages, i’m mapping the “contentStream” variable to ffdata input of “”. the only transaction generated is the one related to my flat file document type. the content of this transaction does not include any header (just payload).

here you are talking about the header as if i’m using the service wm.EDIINT:receive. i wish i could use this service but it didn’t work with flat file message since FF content-type is application/text (not application/edifact).

i’m getting a little bit confused, should i use “EDIINT:receive” or “tn.doc.ff:routeFlatFile” is enough regarding MDN requests.

best regards

Hi Tim, you can use the wm.EDIINT:receive service for flat files. Please see Receiving and Sending Flat File VIA AS2 - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums.

You can use EDIINT:receive as long as content-type is application/plain and as Mary Tillman mentioned in the other thread.