Send mails with a dedicated service


Today, we sometimes have the need to send emails from a service.
So, we have developped a java service that send our emails (we’re using the pub.client:smtp java service)

With the increasing of asking demands to send emails.
I’m looking for an independant and autonome service that could be called by the webMethods scheduler.
It would be an automate email sender with queuing.

Do you know if such a package already exists to perform this ? (otherwise we will have to develop such a module ourself)


There is no such custom package to send customized email alerts or a notifier. We had built a component called Notification Hub which sends out email alerts for any errors or reports in async fashion.

Thank you.
Does the sources of this package can be expose or found somewhere ? or freely shared.

(My need is for all kind of emails… not for alert or email only)

Sorry, it cannot be shared publicly due to copyrights however, we can discuss design approach offline.