Send cXML doc with AS2


Can anyone plz tell me how I can send an cXML document with wm.EDIINT:send service. For EDI documents we are using application/edifact as content type. Which content type do i need to use for an cXML/XMl document?



I believe for routing cXML messages you have to use (WmAribaSupplier) package gateway services.

To get basic understanding on webMethods-Ariba process, please review the (AribaOnramp UserGuide)it will have precise explanation regarding inbound/oubound of cXML documents…


When I pass an cXML document to wm.EDIINT:send service with content type text/xml the document is sent to the TN. In TN console I can see that the EDIINT document is recognized but the processing rule ‘EDIINT Send Message’ is not selected. Instead of that the ‘default processing rule’ is selected. Any ideas why this is happening.

When I send an EDI document with the right content type everything is processed fine.


I believe if you use wm.EDIINT:send service then it works only for EDI (EDINT) AS1,AS2 messages and kicks of the EDIINT processing rules as expected.

Try making use of or WmAribaSupplier services that will post cXML to TN and create a custom processing rule that will as per your requirement.


The current architecture is as follow
ftp–(xml)—>IS—(routeXML)—>TN—>wm.EDIINT:send—(EDIINT doc)----->TN(AS2)

I’ve read the Wm EDIINT documentation and it is possible to send XML doc with wm.EDIINT:send . But didn’t yet figured out how!


I have not routed xml documents using with EDIINT services.
Have you contacted Tech support regarding this problem?


I figured out. With the following services you can send an XML document as an EDIINT data to the TN,

input is *node

  • xmlNodeToDocument
  • getXMLNodeType
  • documentToXMLString
  • stringToStream
  • getExternalID (sender)
  • getExternalID (receiver)
  • send (wm.EDIINT:send )



Sounds good,

So now the EDIINT processing rules triggers as expected and delivering the document from TN?

I believe you should have missed converting string to stream in the send service.

I agree that we can handle xml docs via EDIINT services with proper content type (application/xml) and pass the stream object to send service.


Yep, the content type is, as you pointed, application/XML. Then the EDIINT data, actually wrapped XML data, will recognized by TN. And the EDIINT Send Message processing rule will be processessed.