Select, Edit & submit order detail data with multiple li


Can you please help me in how to select, edit and submit order detail data with multiple lines from and into a order detail table ?

I could select but I could not submit it back as it is giving me an error as invalid data type.

I have used an IS web service to select and display the data in a table content provider (which is an input for the submit data web service).
I could select and edit the data but while submitting the data, I receive the following error due to some datatype conversion. I am not able to figure out how to convert this data type.
From IS web service perspective, I am submitting an IS Document List as the input.

#{ProdEdit2View.saveData_action}: javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: com.webmethods.caf.common.CommonException: Unable to convert data type “” to “”

POST /ProductInfoProject/prodEdit2.view

__vf = jsf:defaultForm
t = 1273700374578
__fc = jsf:defaultForm:zzz38
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__create =
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__move =
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__delete =
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__update = __row0,__row1,__row2,__row3
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__first = 0
jsf:defaultForm:asyncTable__rows = 10
jsf:defaultForm:zzz20 = 105
jsf:defaultForm:zzz22 = Chocolates
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row__template:zzz32 =
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row__template:zzz35 =
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row0:zzz32 = 10
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row0:zzz35 = 1
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row1:zzz32 = 200
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23:__row1:zzz35 = 25
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__create =
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__move =
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__delete =
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__update = __row0,__row1
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__first = 0
jsf:defaultForm:zzz23__rows = 10
jsf:defaultForm:hideablePanel__visible = true
com.sun.faces.VIEW = …
jsf:defaultForm = Q7+KFcSMmCw=
wms.hiddenRequest = true = shell.blank
wms.replaceForNextUrl = hiddenRequest=&shell=&layout=&portlet=

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