Security File in ADABAS CE

Just Installed ADABAS 6.4 CE in WIN10, After 1st iteration, cant get it started again, getting error ‘Security error NAT3148: Database 149 is not active or not accessible’. Tried measures in Troubleshooting guidelines, it goes some kind of loop nothing happened after all night run. How do you re-initialize file 149 ?

Any suggestions?

NAT3148 is a Natural message, and it is looking for database 149, not file 149.

Do you have a database 149 up and running ?

Database 149 is not up & running, tried to start ‘adastart 149’ from start command prompt, it show starting database 149, waiting for database 149 to come up…
waited all night nothing happens.
any suggestion?

Check if

  • the Adabas service is active
  • the database log (to be found in the database directory) shows any error messages (just post it here)