Secure SMTP

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Is it possible to use Secure SMTP on webMethods? How Can I use this feature?

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ravi giduthuri

Hi Ravi,
As per my knowledge webMethods is not providing secure SMTP . But if you can secure your mail communication by encrypting the data.

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OR …You can use EDIINT AS1 (secure smtp through) protocol route.


I believe wM does provide secure POP3 and IMAP for the ports, so it should provide as well SMTP secure channels.

For SMTP are you talking about pub.client:smtp? SMTP server for Optimize? SMTP server for task notifications?

Hi DevNull43

Thank for your support, Present we are useing pub.client:smtp service for all outbound notification mails and we are using SMTP mail host.

But now my company trying to move Secure SMTP/POP from SMTP, So please let me clear about it and how can I go ahead.
Can I use pub.client:smtp for Secure SMTP OR any other services available?

Can I use pub.client:smtp for Secure SMTP OR any other services available? → yes once Secure SMTP/POP setup is done,the smtp service used for outbound communication of mails only.For the Inbound clients can send to the configured email port that invokes the handler service (email gateway service) will receive and extract the mime/mail content or attachments.


To use pub.client:smtp with SSL you need to tune JVM first by adding the certificates in the chain to cacert file, then restart IS.

Then while in pub.client:smtp you needed to add in the properties mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true.

I had to deal once with this, but was time ago, maybe I miss some steps.

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