Scheduling Delegations from Business Console

Can we enable business managers/operators to schedule delegations before they go on leave? Any users who can act on tasks on MWS can go to their “MyInbox” and schedule delegations before going on leave. As business console is now evolving into a more business-friendly interface, users will not be logging to MWS “MyInbox” anymore. So they should be able to schedule their delegation from a single place.

Moreover, business users are sticking to the below explanation from product doc:
Business managers can:

  • Monitor and analyze business cases, processes, and tasks using AppSpaces, drill-able process models, and charts.
  • Manage team and task assignments.
  • Escalate tasks, network with experts, endorse experts, and view trending information related to business processes on social media.

Business operators can:

  • View, act, and collaborate on the assigned tasks.
  • Take help from experts to complete tasks faster and more effectively.
  • Execute webMethods processes and tasks.

So, any way to do this?

Hi Prasad,

Currently we do not have this functionality in Business Console, please raise a feature request in Software AG brainstrom so that we can get this implmented in future releases Business Console.



Feature Request# 04801