Scenario on trading Networks

I have one scenario. I have to pick a file from the folder(XML File). There will be many files. We have to loop over each file and send that to trading network. Can any1 please help me regarding this?? Urgent Please…

One option is configure a IS file polling port (Admin page) which monitors that folder and it invokes a custom service (input node) to route the documents to TN (via routeXML)…

Please review the IS Administrators user guide for more information on setting up a file polling port:


Thanks for the very quick reply. But the thing is i am very new to trading networks and webMethods. Can you just elaborate on it?? Thanks again.

New user…

Please review the IS Administrators/TN user guide for basic information. and look for webMethods section on left and start browsing:

Also you can always use search functionality of this forum and use keyword : file polling port
and this way its faster


Thanks a ton @rmg.

your welcome:

  1. Just convert that XML string to XML node.
  2. Use built_in service doc.routeXML in TN package.

Make sure you should define a TN Doc type for this XML which you are going to send to TN.

Thanks for elaborating more on this my friend npbkwm :slight_smile: