saving text files through ftp


looking tips for saving text files uploaded through ftp. I am able to set up the ftp port and call services, not able to get the contents from ftp.



Create an IData JavaService with output content like this:

IDataHashCursor pipc = pipeline.getHashCursor();
String content = (String) pipc.getKey();
pipc.insertAfter(“content”, content);

Use this service as the first step in a flow service that processes your FTP content

Files with extension .txt can now be sent to the flow service.
For other possible extensions check mime.types in the /lib directory
If you edit mime.types to add your custom types, you need to restart the IS for the changes to take effect.

Good Luck

Well Gary, I’m only able to set up the ftp port but can not call any service. Can you help me on this??

Sorry that I can’t help you with youre problem!


what is the input and output parameters of youre java service?


No input
Output is string variable named ‘content’