Sap outbound question

Hi All,
we are trying to call sap BAPI from WM.we are using “” to do that.My question is,Is there any parameter or return value which is available as the output of this service which tell us whether the call to sap is succesful or not??
our intention is to use that value(if there is any return value) for error handling purposes.


This sounds like a very non-standard way of calling BAPI from webMethods/SAP BC. You should go into SAP adapter configuration screen, in LookUp, find your BAPI, then have webMethods generate a service which executes the BAPI for you. Import/Export is already taken care of by wM.

I have my function module working well in SE37. In SAP BC server, i searched for the funtion module name and add an outbound map. However, i fail to test the function module from SAP BC server even without data (click include empty value). My listerner is working since i can have my inbound map working well.

What should i do?

Hey Santhosh,

Exceptions raised from SAP BAPI/RFC can be caught using the standard exception handling procedure within the wM Developer.

Hope this helps
Bhavani Shankar

Did you think of maken the function remote-enabled?
When you call a function from the BC it should be remote enabled!
SE37 (change) and look at the attributes.
I hope this works for you.