SAP BC Outbound MAP

Hi All,

I have got my RFC enabled function running well in SAP R/3 SE37.

In SAP BC SERVER, i searched for the function module and created an outbound map. However, i could not test it even if i tick “include empty values”. Seems like there is no mapping/connection between SAP BC and my function module.

What can i do?


If it is inbound to SAP, the function module needs to be RFC enabled.
If it is outbound from SAP,you need to create a listener in webMethods with the same name as being defined in SAP as the RFC destination. This listner needs to be mentioned in the RFC outbound mapping step when you do the lookup for that function module.


Thanks for your reply.

As mentioned, i have created a working RFC enabled function module in R/3.

I also got a service done in BC and wanted the service to call the function module in R/3. In BC Developer: I select Outbound Map to create the service.

When i try to call and test the function module from my BC server, it failed. I don’t know why. Is there any other settings that i need to do?

Please assist. Thank you.

Could you let us know the error that is appearing.

Generally, the Input values must be entered.

In the background, check what SAP returns when you pass null values.


Thanks for your reply.

I can finally test my function given that there are inputs data. I also did check at the background for values returned.

I am also working on an service that begins with an XML file FTPd into BC, and then the calling of a remote enabled function module on SAP. When I add the FM and test it, it works fine. When I try running the service with the ftp piece, I always send blank inputs to the FM.

I have node as input (documentToRecord), then I map boundnode to a record layout just like the inputs of the FM, then I take my record values into the outboundmap FM service.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Savetopipeline before invoking RFC is the trick. Try this and later check the contents of the doc list. If empty, check the xml to doc conversion.


You need to explicitly pass all doc lists that are part of output in the input of RFC. (Preferably call this service in a wrapper service and set value null values for lists involved in the RFC)