SAP -> BC inbound mapping not working

I have a remote enabled function module in SAP which passes 2 tables to BC and expects one table back. I have created a package on BC which I want to call from my FM, so I’ve created a mapping in BC admin.

Everything looks fine so far.

I test from BC developer running the flow created automatically by the mapping and it works fine. If I test it from BC admin, I get no data in the response table which should be passed back to SAP but no error. If I run the FM from SAP I get a short dump “Unknown Partner and Message Type. Sender: DEV920 Receiver: SAPBC MsgType:” which isn’t very useful.

I’ve tried increasing the audit level on the automatically generated flow in BC to verbose but this doesn’t seem to make any difference so I don’t even know if it’s being called correctly from either BC admin or SAP.

I’ve checked the RFC destination in SAP and it’s fine, the listener in BC is fine too. I have other packages which are called in the same manner from SAP and their settings look the same as mine so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is there anything else I can check? Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Gill,

I guess u are invoking the FM on SAP using a RFC destination. If this destination is the wM server, things should work fine.

If you are getting error :Unknown partner", then looks like you are not invoking the FM remotely.

when you use SE37, you need to give the Remote Destination properly.

Also the variables in the BC and FM are case sensitive. Ensure that the variable and table names are same in terms cAse.

Bhavani Shankar

You might review the mappings section using SAP BC Admin Tool (SAP/ SAP Servers / Server1/ Mapps - Blue Botton ).
There you can check the inbounds and outbounds Maps.