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we use Business Connector and SAP 4.6C. I want to parse an XML-File and send it as an IDOC to SAP. I created a flow with Mapping-Steps. And the End I start the step “TransformHierarchyToFlat” and then “OutboundProcess”.

An then I get the ErrorMessage in the Subject.

I have tried to solve the Problem like it is told in this thread:


But it doesn´t work. Does anyone what went wronk?


Bastian Stritt


Check whether TransformHierarchyToFlat giving you the control record and Data record. If yes check which message Type assigned in the control record. And also check the ALE Settings in your SAP system-
Check can by performed in WE20 Transaction for Logical System and
also in transaction we42 Inbound Code assigned to function module.