SAP inbuilt services documentation needed

Can anyone of you tell me where can i get the documentation for the sap inbuilt services “” and “”.I checked advantage site but with no luck.


See the adapter guide:


or whichever version is correct for you. It has a good discussion as to how the maps are created from the Developer.


Hi Howard,
Thanks a lot for responding.I am looking for documnetation about the service “”.we have created maps using the Admin console.

Do u have any information about the $call variable present in the same service.I am assuming if $call signifies whether the call to sap has been succesful or not.Just wanted to know whether my assumption is correct or not.



Just from experience, the $call return is ‘false’ no matter whether the RFC is successful or not. I rely on the BAPI-specified return. As I mentioned in a different thread, the standard BAPIs usually return a RETURN structure with a status. Custom BAPIs can be constructed to return whatever you want.

BTW, I’m running version 4.7 of the SAP adapter.