SAP EDI_DC40 HEADER CREDAT CRETRIM date format wM 6.5/4.6 adapter wM 8.2/7.1 Adapter


I have notice a difference when we send IDOCS from SAP to wM.

in 6.5 / 4.6 adapter: (routing rule)
in the EDI_DC40 header:
The CREDAT format is yyyyMMdd in the xml data (transaction => xml) and when it’s converted to an IDOC in the pipeline the CREDAT becomes yyyy-MM-dd (“20170101” > “2017-01-01”)
for CRETIM: hhmmss <> hh:mm:ss

in 8.2 / 7.1 adapter: (routing notification)
for the same IDoc:
The CREDAT format and CRETIM are kept the same yyyyMMdd <> yyyyMMdd (“20170101” > “20170101”) and same behavior for the CRETIM.

Any idea why?
We are currently migrating this system and this is causing us some issues as some of the flow code manipulates the CREDAT and CRETIM values.


webMethods with SAP Adapter version 6.5 before fix 18 use to retrieve CREDAT value in the format of “dd-MM-YYYY” (ex: 18-12-2013) and CRETIM value in the format of “hh:MM:ss” (15:15:15).

After SAP Adapter 6.5 fix 18, CREDAT and CRETIM header record values are obtained in the format as “ddMMYYYY” and “hhMMSSSS” in the pipeline .

For one of the client they were upgrading from webMethods 6.5 to 9.0 – we had done code change to accomodate the behaviour change of the SAP adapter.

Thanks a lot Rakesh, exactly the information that I was looking for.