SAP ALE_Server adapter � reloading Idoc structure in a con

I am facing a problem with renewing the list of fields in a configured operation on an idoc adapter for WebMethods Enterprise Integrator 4.11.
I have a working integration for this configured operation, but on the SAP side on field was added to a segment. When I hit the reload button on the configured operation screen, it doesn�t add the field to the list. I deleted the configured operation and recreated it and it doesn�t make a difference. How can I refresh the list of fields for this idoc?
There was even the one case where I had a configured operation for an Idoc that was later on deleted because the Idoc in SAP got deleted as well, but even then I was still able to create a configured operation for this basic type on the ale server adapter.
Where is it storing this information? I checked with the document type editor but I can�t seem to find it.

Thanks in advance for any help on the subject!

I found the solution to the problem:

the idoc structure is stored in a file called “idoc_type”.ido in the c:\winnt\activesw\adapters40 directory. I deleted the configured operation, deleted the file and then recreated it and the new field was there.