Salesforce "change data capture" trigger failed to resume after wMio outage

We are using Salesforce standard Change Data Capture trigger for getting push data events.
On 5th of january 2024, the azure EU3 wMio platform faced an outage between ~12PM and 4PM.

According to documentation, our expectation was that events happening in between being recovered thanks to the “replayID” cursor, but it wasn’t.

Our trigger is configured in “default” mode.

in below screenshot, a clear view from our monitoring with gaps between replayIds and LastModifiedDate (we have several events per minutes), no events between 12:02pm and 3:53pm isn’t possible :slight_smile:

Is our understanding of the replay ID “default” mode is correct : it should have recovered from the last replayID before wMio platform outage (122183) ?


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Hello @camous ,

Yes your understanding is correct.
Please log an issue incase of any loss of events.


Ticket created !
I would provide feeback here if it can help anyone later.

SAG support won’t be able to investigate as event occurred more than 2 weeks ago (over logs retention).
If you face this issue, be cautious of the timing to start investigation.

The connector recently switch to ‘depreciated’. not sure it’s a good sign.

See Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Integration
And notice the mention: The deprecation is not applicable for Triggers, that is, Triggers are supported for both deprecated and alternative connectors. For the list of triggers, see the documentation for alternative connectors.