running job when database start

Hello, i have a doubt: when i start a database in tamino sever 2.1.9, in runnig job appears a job with an sesion id, why?


Each time a database is started it is associated with a session id. The 1st time the db is started it is session 1 and the next time it will be 2 and so on. This session id is tied in with backups and transactions logs so Tamino is able to provide db restore and recoverability. I think sesssion id should be read as something like ‘database startup session number’. :cool:

Thanks, but my situation is that i

:confused: I have a machine too with four databases running and in the running jobs section of the Tamino manager I see the four databases running, so I am not sure what could be wrong in your environment.

Just as a suggestion - you could try and coming out of the manager, stop and start the Software AG Tamino Event Service, go back into the manager and see if you now have four jobs listed as running.

I did your suggestion, but i don