rowtablearea2 with ComboBoxes...

Hi there,
i have a Table wich containes ComboBoxes (combodyn2).
It seems not to be possible to use them in the way I did (see attached sample).
The Problem manifests in the setter for the valueprop-attribut of the ComboBox not been called.

Anybody, any Idea?

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SimpleSample.xml (1003 Bytes)

…I would like to see your adapter coding. XML screen layout is OK…

Regards! Martin

Sorry, I thought I uploaded it, but I was obviously wrong.
here it is (2.49 KB)

Hi Martin,
I have more information on the behavior perhaps this helps solving the Problem.

Changing the selection of the combodyn2 using the mouse does not work, but if I open the combo with the mouse and hover the mouse over the selection I want and then press the “enter” key, the server gets called an the setter is invoked and it works.

Can it be that the mouseClick used to select the specific entry in the combodyn is consumed by some of the enclosing XML Layout Containers?

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Some more information:

I am using IE 7 and test in the Application Designer IDE.
It appears when I use firefox it works in the IDE.
It also works in IE7 when outside the IDE.

It seems its a Java Script implementation Problem with IE.

Hi Matthias,

XML and coding is fine!..

As you stated things are working fine outside IDE. Within the WYSIWYG-Tool each click within the right preview area highlights the control within the control tree (left side). Unfortunately this disturbs to combo box to work properly (ie the SELECT tag actually does not fire an on change event). With next update (Update Package 2 for App Designer 22 is published next week) we will skip update of control tree for combo controls.